Flexo UV inks

Our FLEXO UV ink series have been developed for printing jobs in the fields of packaging, labels and publishing. With excellent colour strength, adhesion, gloss and rub resistance. Excellent printability on coated and uncoated papers, thermally protected and non-absorbent materials (Foils, PVC, PP, Pet…).


StandarStandard series for paper printing.
PremiumHigh pigmentation series for paper and sleeve printing.
LM-Low MigrationHigh pigmented series for paper and Sleeve printing. Low odour / Low migration for printed products intended for food applications.
UV-LED versionHigh pigmentation series for paper and sleeve printing. Low odour / Low migration for printed food products. For machines equipped with UV-LED dryers.

Pantone and colours

Pantone/ColoursPossibility to manufacture the whole Pantone range and sample colours with different qualities and intensities according to needs and applications.
MetallicDifferent shades and qualities.
Opaque whiteRange of whites with different finishes and applications.
SpecialSecurity inks, fluorescent, phosphorescent, iridescent, etc.


UV cleanerDirect use, accepts 15/20% water. General cleaning.

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