Industrial marking inkjet inks

Tidirefi® is the brand name for our line of compatible inkjet inks.

With several years of experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of all types of inks, in 2005 we began to manufacture compatible inkjet inks for industrial marking and coding systems thanks to the dedication of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field. We currently have more than 1500 formulations in consumables.

Given our extended product range we can offer the best solutions for a wide variety of substrates and applications, being the right partner to help you to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, comply with applicable regulations and offer the perfect solution for your needs.

Our chemists and R&D department continuously monitor ink trends and regulations in order to ensure that our inkjet consumable solutions are ready to meet the needs of our customers, as we have been doing since our inception.


  • We use raw materials of the highest possible quality.
  • We have great experience as a manufacturer of inkjet inks.
  • Our inks are direct replacement, no cleaning or filter changes are needed.
  • Our inks extend maintenance times by not clogging filters or nozzles.
  • All of our consumables pass stringent development and quality testing prior to release, including in-printer testing.
  • Validation of expiry dates is done through accelerated aging.
  • We have great experience in logistics; we ship your orders quickly anywhere in the world.

Types of Inkjet inks

Reference Application
CIJ Continuos Ink Jet Inks for small characters and high speed printers. Solvent and water-based inks
DOD Drop On Demand Inks for valve printers where large character marking without much resolution is required. Solvent and water-based inks
TIJ Thermal Ink Jet Ink technology where high resolution thermal printing is required. Solvent and water-based inks.
Hi-Res High Resolution High resolution inks for large character printing. Oil and solvent based inks
Solid wax-based inks Hot melt inks for high resolution printing and large characters. Wax-based inks.

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