New THERMOLAM series for retort laminations

retort containers are subjected to high temperatures for sterilisation. This prevents it from coming into contact with bacteria that could degrade it or generate any kind of physical or chemical change in the product. 

Our new THERMOLAM series is specially designed for flexographic and rotogravure printing of flexible film and subsequent lamination of materials that will be subjected to thermal pasteurisation and sterilisation processes. 

It is suitable for application on a wide variety of substrates (polypropylene, polyester and polyamide) with solvent and solvent-free adhesives. 

The THERMOLAM ink series maintains high lamination strengths and has low solvent retention after thermal pasteurisation and sterilisation processes. 

As diluents, mixtures of dehydrated ethyl alcohol and Ethyl Acetate or N-Propanol and N-Propyl Acetate in a ratio of 9/1 can be used. Methoxy or Ethoxy Propanol can be used as retarder. 

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